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If New Jersey Politics is a circus, then Hudson County is the sideshow!
Hudson County Politics Discussion and News
Read The Reviews of
Hudson County Facts
By Bret Schundler, Steven Fulop and Greg Corrado!

Senator Robert Menendez

Steven Fulop
Jersey City Ward E Councilman

2004 Special Election
Online Audio and Video

The Cunningham - Menendez Feud

Jersey City Remembers
Glenn Cunningham

Don't say New Jersey wasn't warned about James McGreevey!
2001 Schundler for Governor Press Release Archive

Hudson County Hate Monger
Hal Turner
Faces Purple Heart Veteran Jaime Vazquez in Court

Jim McGreevey vs. Bret Schundler
The 2001 Race for Governor of New Jersey

City Hall Web Wall

Send Your Press Releases

Online Audio:
Michael Aron Interviews Paul Byrne

Political Cartoons

Albio Sires

The Story: Names in the News

The John V. Kenny Era

Dave Friedland
Enjoy Politics? Then come to Hudson County where you can remain active forever. . .

Hudson County Facts by Anthony Olszewski - Hudson County History
Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
First in a series by Anthony Olszewski – Click HERE to find out more.

Hudson County Facts

Unique New Jersey Information
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New Jersey Fact:
"New Jersey is a small state on the eastern seaboard halfway between Honest John Lindsay and the Liberty Bell. It is best known for its turnpike, Atlantic City, Imamu Baraka, Newark Airport and the Morro Castle disaster. Most of its leaders are in jail for stealing money...."

Over thirty years ago, this was how a New York Times writer described New Jersey. The only things that have changed are that now Bloomberg has Lindsay's old job and Amiri Baraka figured out somewhere along the line that it's not too swift for an atheist to use a religious title.


Kay Licausi's Gold Mine?
Former Aide to Congressman Robert Menendez
Gets hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees.

Jersey City Medical Center-What You Don’t Know Can Kill You

Jersey City History
Your Ancestors' Story
Asbury Park
Bruce Springsteen's Jersey Shore Rock Haven!

From a short story at UBERHIPPY

“Next was the poundin’ and thumpin’ of the goon squad runnin’ upa coupla’ flights of metal stairs -- sorta like jungle drums in some old timey movie.”

For All Sorts of Unique New York City Information, Visit GET NY!

The Hoboken Crew’s plot to hit John Gotti.
The murder of DiGilio, Boss of Bayonne.
Bobby Manna of Jersey City . . . and LOTS MORE!

La Cosa Nostra
The REAL New Jersey Mafia!

Print edition on sale at Amazon

Svedka female robot
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Apple iTunes Lincoln Tunnel Beatles Billboards

New Jersey Bicyle Routes

"Our Computers Don't Make Mistakes"

The Advance-Decline Line As A Tool In Technical Market Analysis

Jersey City Mayor Frank Hague - I am the law.
Frank Hague: I AM THE LAW!

The Crown Jewel in a Massive Recreational Complex

A Maestro of the Criminal Justice System

Roger Chugh: New Jersey Governor McGreevey's Close Confidant

The New Jersey Mafia

Jersey City / Hoboken Art Scene

Learn All About Jersey City's Many Fine Neighborhoods

"Our Computers Don't Make Mistakes"

George Washington to Run for Office!

NJ Governor James McGreevey
A Miserable Failure

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All Jersey City Mayors from the Past Quarter-Century Protest the Balkanization of Jersey City into Three Districts

The Hudson River Is Jersey City's Arena For Water Sports!

Beware of alligators.
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